Proof-of-stake is a far more energy efficient than PoW and allows users to earn FRM by simply storing coins in their wallet. Our current APR is 10% of each block reward, which ensures that FRM will always be sustainable and in supply.


By owning a FRM Masternode, you can take part in voting on the network and decide what is going on. Masternodes have a constant APR of 85% of the block reward and require 2500 FRM as collateral.

Lightning Fast Transactions

Send and receive FRM almost instantly, thanks to SegWit implementation and Zeroconf technology.

Coin Specifications

Block Time - 60 Seconds

Speed is a necessity when it comes to keeping the blockchain fully functioning. Thats why we have implemented 60 second block times with SegWit technology.

Maximum Coin Supply

There is a maximum supply of 100,000,000 FRM. There is a premine of 1,000,000 FRM (1%) which will be used throughout the pre-sale to raise development funds.

Reward Distribution

Feirm uses a dynamic reward scheme which changes when a block height milestone is met. However, the APR rate stays the same:

  • 85% Masternodes
  • 10% Proof-of-stake
  • 5% Governance Fee


Here is what we have got planned for this year.

Q4 2017

Formation of the Feirm Core Team and concept of ideas started to take place. Soon after, the Feirm Discord server was created in order to gather people and tell them about our amazing concept.

Q1 2018

Releases of the website, whitepaper and Feirm Core wallets for multiple Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Start of the FRM coin pre-sale and ICO (coming soon).

Q2 2018

Our aim is to get FRM listed onto as many exchanges as we can. We also want to release the alpha version of our decentralized marketplace. By using FRM, users will trade with 0% fees.

Q3 2018

In this quarter, Feirm aims to push itself with marketing. We plan to get listed on the very popular website CoinMarketCap and also showcase our product through advertisements.

Q4 2018

Beta release of the decentralized marketplace along with a brand new and improved Feirm Desktop Wallet.

Meet The Team Behind Feirm



Founder, CEO & Core Developer

Years of experience as a developer who got into cryptocurrency a few years ago, and immediately fell in love with the power it holds.



Founder & CEO

Electronic Communication Engineer, Newcastle University (BEng/Msc). Avid cryptocurrency investor and domain name trader/businessman.

Pre-sale and ICO

Please note that US citizens, regardless of current residence, are barred from participation.

We are not liable for any losses caused through mis-typed addresses or transactions made through an exchange. Your funds will be lost!


There will be 1,000,000 FRM coins available throughout the pre-sale, at the rate of $0.50 per 1 FRM. All transactions must be made through a BTC Address of which you own so that we can verify your payment.

Initial Coin Offering

If the maximum amount of FRM coins are not sold throughout the pre-sale, a rate of $1 per 1 FRM, until all coins have been distributed. All transactions must be made through a BTC Address of which you own so that we can verify your payment.

Useful Links

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Join our Discord server in order to receive support and keep track of the latest updates going on with Feirm!


Interested in the way that Feirm works? Check out our Open Source code and take a look! Feel free to open any pull requests that you may see fit.