Privacy for everyone.

Feirm is a blockchain project that is building a secure platform which is easy to use and private by design.

The Feirm blockchain is a peer-to-peer network where you can earn and use the native XFE currency.

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Global Network

The Feirm network is made up from peers all over the world allowing for no single point of failure. Transact without disruption.

Developing Ecosystem

The Feirm Ecosystem is constantly growing. Participate in our network by operating a node and staking, or use the Feirm app to interact with the network and other services.

Censorship Free

The Feirm network is available for everyone. Regardless of who you are, or your geographical location - we have you covered!

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Feirm App

Feirm Platform - Progressive Web Application (PWA)

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Private and Secure by Design


Getting started with the Feirm Ecosystem doesn't require any personally-identifiable information. Feirm wallets are not tied to your identity, and a Feirm account only requires a unique username and strong password. That's it!

No ads or trackers

The Feirm app contains zero ads or trackers. We aren't in the business of tracking your every action throughout our app, nor are we in the business of selling your data. We only collect what we need to at the very minimum.

Open source

We ❤️ open source. We are committed to both using and writing open source software. In fact, the majority of the products we develop at Feirm is open source on GitHub!


We take data security seriously. Feirm does not store passwords (in the typical sense) or collect sensitive data in plain-text form. Any sensitive data is encrypted on your device before it is stored on our servers for safe-keeping.

In June 2020, the Ledger hardware wallet company suffered a data breach which exposed over 1 million email addresses and 20,000 home addresses.

As a result, individuals have been targeted through phishing attempts, cold calls, and even physical threats against their families.

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