The backbone of decentralisation.

The Feirm project maintains a blockchain which is vital for components of the ecosystem to function.

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Why use the Feirm blockchain?


At its core, the Feirm blockchain is a low energy alternative to Proof of Work blockchains due to Proof of Stake consensus being used.


Due to the nature of blockchains, no single entity controls the Feirm network. The network is made up from hundreds of nodes scattered across the globe.


No accounts are required to transact on the Feirm blockchain. All you need to get started receiving funds is a Feirm cryptocurrency address - which are not related to your identity.

Coin Overview

Launch Date

The Feirm genesis block was created on the 22nd February 2018, ultimately bringing our blockchain to life.

Block Time

The average block time for the network is 2 minutes. This is 5x faster than the Bitcoin network.

Consensus Mechanism

The Feirm blockchain uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism along with Masternodes for governence.

Maximum Supply

A maximum of 100,000,000 XFE can ever be minted on the Feirm blockchain, eventually causing it to become a rare asset.


In order for you to get familiar with the Feirm blockchain, please checkout the following resources.

Desktop Wallets

The Feirm project provides QT desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can stake and store your cryptocurrency in this wallet.

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Feirm Platform

If you wish to store and transact in the Feirm (XFE) cryptocurrency as well as other assets, you can create a non-custodial wallet on the Feirm Platform.

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Blockchain Bootstrap

Get your Feirm desktop wallet synced as fast as possible by downloading a copy of the blockchain from our Bootstrap platform.

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Have an address or transaction that you want to lookup? Find all the information you need about the blockchain at our Blockchain Explorer.

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Where can I buy Feirm (XFE)?

The XFE cryptocurrency can be purchased through the following exchanges/methods.

Birake Exchange

Birake is decentralised exchange. It is a regulated however, making it subject to KYC/AML.

XFE/BTC Market Pair

Discord Bot

Purchase XFE over-the-counter (OTC) in our Discord Server. This bot is not maintained or created by Feirm.

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Feirm Platform

Soon, you will be able to purchase cryptocurrency through the Feirm platform in a trustless and secure way.

Coming Soon