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Feirm Weekly - 14/09 to 20/09

21 September 2020

Feirm Blockchain This week we have been extensively testing the new blockchain wallets for different platforms. Throughout our testing, we found several issues with certain graphics and the wallet not scaling appropriately for different display resolutions. Here are the proposed changes to fix this: Adjust the scaling on the “Send” tab. Modify the colour of each tab icons so that they are clearer. Service Layer (Kayda) Also going on over the past week was the new and improved rewrite of the service layer daemon. Read more…

Feirm Weekly - 31/08 to 06/09

7 September 2020

Feirm Marketplace Incognito Listings Typically, when using some sort of e-commerce solution, all listings are public. However, what about when you would like to keep a listing completely private and away from the public eye? This is a new feature that has been introduced to the Marketplace which is called Incognito. Here is a quick breakdown of what features Incognito listings have on offer: All listings that make use of Incognito are End-to-End Encrypted by default. Read more…