Feirm Weekly - 14/09 to 20/09

Posted on 21 September 2020

Feirm Blockchain

This week we have been extensively testing the new blockchain wallets for different platforms. Throughout our testing, we found several issues with certain graphics and the wallet not scaling appropriately for different display resolutions. Here are the proposed changes to fix this:

  • Adjust the scaling on the “Send” tab.
  • Modify the colour of each tab icons so that they are clearer.

Service Layer (Kayda)

Also going on over the past week was the new and improved rewrite of the service layer daemon. Instead of just referring to the service layer, as well, “service layer”, it has been given the name of Kayda.

The term “Kayda” resembles a small dragon, which we felt is fitting due to it being an extension of the existing Feirm cryptocurrency network.

The Kayda rewrite was primarily rewritten for improved speed and security. Communication on the Kayda network between nodes now makes use of TLS encryption. It is not very common to see communication encryption on peer-to-peer networks, which is why we feel this feature is a must have! Without it, an eavesdropper could potentially view and modify the data in transit.

Additionally, with this rewrite also comes more flexible peer handling. Instead of hard-coding seeds into the Kayda daemon, they can now be added through the configuration file.

Lastly, one major improvement made was the decision to use WebSockets for communication. The initial implementation relied on standard HTTP requests and polling. Kayda nodes can now open up a communicate channel with other peers and relay data through them. This has made resource consumption of a Kayda node much more efficient.

Feirm Marketplace

Leading on from the news about the Kayda rewrite, we have begun working on an implementation that allows for encrypted Marketplace messages to be stored and retrieved on the Kayda service layer. It is still in its early implementation phase as methods need to be added which ensures data cannot be lost or irreversibly erased by a single node.

Infrastructure Changes

The Feirm infrastructure for hosting our websites has moved to Netlify thanks to their professional plan for open source teams! By using Netlify, we can also dramatically decrease loading times due to their distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN) around the globe.

We are still in the process of migrating our websites over to Netlify, but here is a checklist we’ve formed:

  • Feirm.com (Migrated)
  • Documentation (Work in progress)
  • Development instance of the Marketplace UI (Work in progress)

One of the primary reasons of choosing Netlify to handle our website deployments is due to their commitments of open source software. In fact, they have produced several innovative projects which are used for their service today. For those that are interested, you can take a look here.


We have deployed the new Feirm website which we hope will provide more information about the project. Additionally, it contains a blog where we will slowly migrate to over time!

We are still in the process of migrating over old content and ensuring that information presented is up to date.


Lastly, we have begun updating the documentation to reflect all of the changes which have gone on over the past week. There have been many! If you wish to take a read over the documentation, please feel free to do so here.