Feirm is a blockchain based marketplace

Feirm is building a trustless marketplace for our users, where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for digital goods or services

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The Feirm Decentralised Marketplace is built with simplicity in mind, and attention to detail


Cryptographic protocols keep the user secure. No one can access your data as you own the private keys.


Feirm uses peer-to-peer technology, meaning operation can take place without any central authority or third parties.


All transactions are stored openly on the blockchain, allowing anyone to verify a transaction.

The current state of eCommerce.

Feirm is innovating the industry standard of eCommerce by reducing vulnerability to attack.

In 2015, the value of eCommerce in the UK peaked to £533 billion and this figure is only expected to rise as the industry develops. There is one issue, however, as user data are stored on centralised servers. In 2017, a misconfigured Amazon S3 server leaked details of 50,000 Australian employees exposing their full names, passwords, salaries, IDs, phone numbers and credit card information.

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The Feirm Marketplace

By transacting over the Feirm Marketplace, you are able to purchase digital assets in a secure way which doesn't put your information at risk. Your data is owned by your private keys, which only belong to you. With the use of the Feirm blockchain, your transactions are signed by you, and received almost instantaneously to the other user thus cutting out the middleman from the entire process.

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Feirm (XFE)

The Feirm Marketplace has it's own native coin called XFE which will be used to purchase goods on the marketplace and used to fuel transactions in other payment methods.

Name Feirm (XFE)
Maximum Supply 100,000,000 XFE
Block Time 2 Minutes
Block Reward Distrubtion 85% MN, 10% POS, 5% Governance
Algorithm Quark - Proof of Stake

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Windows (64-bit)


Take a look at some of the things we have got planned for the year.

Q1 2019

Release of the Feirm Marketplace which allows for user signups/login.

Q2 2019

Integration of the Feirm Payment processor, and the first transaction taking place on the Feirm Marketplace.

Q3 2019

Start of development for the Feirm Marketplace Desktop client. Rewrite the Marketplace API to run on a distributed P2P network using IPFS.

Q4 2019+

Development of the Feirm blockchain being written from scratch, utilising the latest technologies from predecessors such as Ethereum.

Q1 2020+

Initiate a swap to the new Feirm blockchain and phase out the legacy chain.

Core Team

We are located around the globe, and bring many years of combined experience to the table.

Amr Kokash

CEO & Co-Founder

Jack Coble

Co-Founder & Developer


Blockchain Developer

Cat Russell

Compliance Specialist and Moderator

Community Team


Community Manager & Moderator