We ❤️ Open Source

At Feirm, we are committed to using and writing Open Source software. The open-source model is where a program’s source code is made available, or open, to the public for viewing and using. We believe that this form of sharing encourages contribution and allows us to gradually make the world a better place. The majority of software that we use and develop at Feirm is open source.

Access our open-source projects

All of Feirm’s open-source projects are available on GitHub and are also available on a Gitea server maintained by Feirm.

Open Source technologies we use

  • Caddy - load balancer & reverse proxy.
  • Gitea - self-hosted Git server.
  • Matomo - website analytics suite.
  • Go - programming language
  • Rust - programming language

If you have any enquiries about our usage of open-source software, please reach out to us via one of the communication methods we have listed on our website.