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It is time for a change.

In 2020, there were 5 major hacks which took place on cryptocurrency platforms/exchanges. The total value of these hacks summed up to $286,933,760.

Alongside the initial theft of funds, 200 pieces of personally-identifiable information were breached.

Feirm is here to solve this problem by providing a secure, private and non-custodial cryptocurrency platform for everyone.

What do we have to offer?


We do not have access to our users cryptocurrency wallets, nor do we store any cryptocurrency on behalf of our users. Your funds are truly yours!

State-of-the-art encryption

End-to-end encryption is used to keep your Feirm account secure. We do not store your password or any sensitive information about you. It is encrypted before it even leaves your device!

Made with privacy in mind

Feirm does not want to know anything about our users. We only require a unique username, password and PIN to create an account. All of your sensitive information is encrypted and accessible by you, and only you.

Send and receive with ease.

Feirm makes it easy for you to use your cryptocurrency. Send and receive your funds in real-time. No delays when it comes to sending or receiving. Everything happens instantly.

Zero-knowledge contacts.

Store your Feirm contacts securely with zero-knowledge encryption. All contact data you provide is encrypted using your Feirm encryption key. We cannot access or modify the information you store for any of your contacts.

Peer-to-peer marketplace.

Coming Soon

Buy or sell items privately and securely on the Feirm Marketplace. Transact instantly with cryptocurrency. No need to wait days for a settlement as all transactions are handled by the blockchain. All communication between users are End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE), using trusted concepts developed by Signal and other secure messengers.