Privacy policy.

*Updated December 1st, 2020*

Feirm is a privacy focused project. We enjoy making applications that allow users to transact freely and without any limitations. In order to protect our users, it is imperative that our applications are as secure and private as possible.

The Feirm Platform, for example, is completely private by design. We do not go out of our way to collect any more data than necessary for users to use our platform/services.

Data collection

Feirm itself does not collect any analytics or metrics about how services are being utilised. However, as some Feirm services are accessed via the web browser, our deploys are automatically handled with Netlify and distributed across their global CDN. Please refer to Netlify's Privacy Policy for more information.

Data we do not collect

  • Our website and other platforms never try to link your usage to your personal identity. The Feirm platform only requires a username, strong password and six-digit PIN to sign up.

Information that we share

To put it quite simply, we do not share or sell any data with third parties. We are not in the business of gathering as much information as possible about our users.

Get in contact!

If you would like to found out more information or have any suggestions about how we can further protect your privacy, please reach out to us via one of the communication methods we have listed on our website.